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Beauty surrounds me.

Hello wonderful silence, birds, wind in the trees, the lake with kayaks and paddleboats in view. Hello trails, rocks and forest which is home to graceful deer. I am now retired in this little corner of paradise that I thankfully stumbled upon by chance. A first visit, an overwhelming feeling and now I have been living here for several months. I so appreciate the Lac à La Fontaine!

Ann and Michel: “We just love the lifestyle”

Our lives were very hectic: Michel was always between flights it seemed, leaving it up to “good ole Ann to take care of everything in addition of her regular job”. The moment we set eyes on Lac à la Fontaine, it was love at first sight. Same for our daughter. This place was just what the doctor ordered to complement our frantic lifestyle, because it’s close to home and maintenance free.

Here, we enjoy all 4 seasons: swimming, walking the dog, or simply sitting contentedly in front of a crackling fire. Delightful moments! Lac à la Fontaine has given us what was missing in our lives: a haven of peace where we can let go and enjoy a well-deserved quality of life!

Robert finds happiness!

I’m just happy to live in a place designed to be in harmony with nature. For me, nothing beats the tranquility of Lac à la Fontaine and the invigorating country air. It’s perfect to unwind and leave stress and the responsibilities of work a million miles behind!

On weekends, year in and year out, my sons can’t get enough of the many activities available on site or close by: swimming, kayaking, snowshoeing, skating, horseback riding, and outdoor fitness. As a result, we’ve shared more great moments than we could have ever imagined and we’ve developed a complicity that brings us closer together.

Chantale and Richard’s story

Hi, my name is Richard Despatis and I am the superintendent at Lac à la Fontaine. In October 2007, I accepted to manage what I considered to be one of the nicest projects in harmony with nature ever created in Quebec. I wasted no time in sharing the rare sense of relaxation that comes with just being here and invited my wife Chantale to come see the site. She was quickly taken with the same feeling of serenity and calm that descends upon you, no matter where you are on the grounds.

There’s simply no better anti-depressant! Clean air and the serenity of being in nature are really all it takes to really feel alive. There’s a special magic about the place that makes it a wonderful backdrop for unforgettable moments. Come see for yourself; we look forward to the pleasure of meeting you!

Diane and Pierre… a rare privilege

Both of us have always loved nature and outdoor activities; and one of our greatest pleasures is to create events that bring people together! Well, this place has it all: beach, swimming, volleyball… and ice skating on the lake in winter. For us, Lac à la Fontaine has been one great holiday filled with laughter and wonderful memories!

Also, Pierre, who loves to golf, has been spoiled with several great golf courses only minutes away! I must say that it’s also a real pleasure to get together at the “19th hole” on our beautiful veranda facing the lake. A rare treat indeed! I’m sure that you would also be delighted by the charms of this little piece of heaven on earth. Drop by, you MUST SEE for yourself!

Words of wisdom from Suzanne

I am a recently retired person who’s always loved the great outdoors. I have always dreamed of living in a house by the water. So, when I came upon Lac à la Fontaine with its inherent tranquility, security and multitude of outdoor activities right at my feet, the thought of not having to drive anymore won me over instantly.

Now, I love to go for long swims, kayak, walk and tend to my garden. In winter it’s snowshoes and skates. Goodbye lawn mower, chlorine, and swimming pool backwash! Hello Lac à la Fontaine!

Andrée and Jean-Marc, pre-retired and poetic!

Andrée and I have very strong feelings when it comes to Lac à la Fontaine.

To us, Lac à la Fontaine is a place of enchantment and tranquility. Here, we feel a constant and very powerful communication with nature. Everything you need for a healthy mind in a healthy body can be found around the lake and its magnificent fountains: the lifeblood of the project.

We applaud the genius and vision of its designer and team of developers. This place is a stimulating experience for all the senses and we are honoured to be part of this environment. Here’s to long life and continued success for the project and its team!

Lancy and Marc: who could ask for anything more?

We had been shopping around for a tranquil place with trees located near water, when we came upon Lac à la Fontaine. Our search ended right then and there, and we never looked back.

Here, we found serenity deep in the heart of nature where we can relax and breathe clean fresh air. Having coffee on our veranda facing the lake is often the highlight of the day. Water, trees, deer crossing the frozen lake: nature at its most vivid.

This is our very own little patch of heaven!

Carole and Denis: Wait not, Want not!

One fine day, we just happened to come upon an ad for Lac à la Fontaine in Maison Neuve magazine. Lucky for us! The photos captured our imagination instantly and our initial visit to the site only heightened our attraction for the concept. Everything we wanted was right here in this very special place.

We live in a charming contemporary villa surrounded by natural beauty, with the lake at our feet and a full range of activities a stone’s throw away. We also enjoy the services of wonderful staff members dedicated to “making our day” in every possible way. In our books, peace and quiet equal serenity. And Lac à la Fontaine offers an abundance of all three!

Sylvie and Alain: “Puts us in full relax mode”

With the children all grown up and moved out, our house in Laval suddenly seemed a lot bigger, maybe even a little too big. One of us being a painter and the other a self-employed worker, Lac à la Fontaine has everything we need to maintain our lifestyle: A spacious home with room for guests, complete with office and painting workshop, access to new technologies, a secure domain and villas designed to respect the privacy of residents!

And no more seasonal maintenance! This gives us more time to enjoy life and outdoor activities like jogging or walking the dog around our beautiful lake. Best of all, nights are silent except for the occasional croaking of frogs. A most refreshing change, shall we say, from the noisy bus stop that we heard in Laval.

Jacinthe and Sylvain: Heaven, pure and simple!

It all started when we dropped by one day out of curiosity. We already had a property in the Township of Gore and we were checking out different house models. We came, we saw and the site conquered us. Everything we planned for our Gore property was already here—that and more! And this meant no more logistic hassles to resolve! Now that we’re here, we love it and we really appreciate the “ask and you shall receive” attitude of the dedicated staff at Lac à la Fontaine when it comes to responding to our every request.

We are surrounded by truly magnificent nature, with mature trees and a lake full of life. Coming here was literally a dream that came true sooner than expected. We found our heaven on earth here and we just love the wonderful effect that peace and tranquility has on us. We call it happiness, pure and simple.

Danielle fell under the spell…!

I moved out of a large house in Repentigny to come to Lac à la Fontaine, where I embraced a new lifestyle in this beautiful natural setting. Now my life revolves around the music of songbirds and the passing of the seasons.

Mind you, I enjoyed living in Repentigny, but since all the children had moved out, taking care of the house all by myself was very demanding. When I first visited the Lac à la Fontaine site, all my condo-ownership fears were put to rest. I discovered here an extremely respectful attitude toward individual privacy and the environment.

I love cross-country skiing and skating too. During summer, I’m into kayaking and swimming. And let’s face it: a lake is much more than a pool. Even better, my kids don’t need an invitation to come spend a weekend now and again!

I recently returned to Repentigny. Wow! I couldn’t believe the noise and all the hustle & bustle. Made me reflect on how easy it is to get used to the peace and quiet of Lac à la Fontaine.